Beautiful People

In 1999 I wanted to give my wife something out of the ordinary and something that she could and would treasure for the rest of her life. The idea of a certificate came to mind and as I wrote I realized the hand of God was forming the words. When you read it you will see what I mean.
There are those in this world that I call, “The Beautiful People”. They have an exterior beauty, which lights a room when they enter, causes faces to smile when seen and delights the eyes of admirers like fine wine delights the pallet.
Their outer beauty is not the plastic air brushed type found on pretended faces and magazine pages; rather it is an extension of their extraordinary inner beauty. These people live lives of concern for others and of unqualified love for family and friends, with no care of their own lives for theirs are nestled in the love and bosom of God.
I have found they are people who have most often suffered greatly yet endured, now showing the compassion to comfort other wounded souls. They love deeply and have learned to receive love. They believe they are doing nothing unusual but are just average people doing normal everyday things. The fact is if they ever realized how beautiful they are they would lose their special-ness and their beauty would fade.

There are people like this in the world, not many of course, but a few. If you meet one, rejoice in that you have been so blessed. If you become friends with one, cherish that friendship and protect it with your life. If you are chosen to spend a lifetime as their mate, give your life for them and their love. Take time each day to thank God for allowing you to spend your earth time and eternity in the presence of such beauty and love, which is really Him in human flesh again, for God is love.
By going to our web site; you can honor someone who has loved you, blessed you or has made your life better by presenting them with their very own “Certificate” in their name, dated, numbered, and personally signed by the author. And now when you order a certificate for your special person, Rejoice Today Ministries will send one in your name to a person who has been wounded in the line of duty whether it be in the military, police work, fire-fighter, missionary or any other endeavor where they “laid down their life for their friends”, or to the family of one who has given their life for us, and we do this at no extra cost. You may give us the name of one to be so honored or we will select one. We will also send a copy of the writing “Fallen”.
In September of 2003 friends of the Dumke’s, Mike and Rita Pratt lost their son Jason, a policeman in Omaha Nebraska, in the line of duty. “Fallen” was written for them in honor of their son.

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