Lessons from our friends, Cooper and Molly

Cooper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , with his adopted sister Miss Molly, the Rat Terrier, riding with “Pa”. Cooper cuts Molly a lot of slack because he knows she has cataracts and doesn’t;see very well. She sort of feels her way around and follows the voice she hears.

In 1984 I was questioning God about how to know his will. I heard: “Look at your dogs.”  At that time we had 4 dogs, lived on a farm, and were going through a very tough time.

Look at my dogs?

Over the years I began to see what God meant. Molly completely trusts us for everything, yet she does many things on her own quite well by putting her foot out to check where she is going, to check where the stairs are and to test what is in front of her. Watching her I began to see what God meant. The first thing Molly does, from morning to night, is get close to us and follow us because she trusts us! We should do the same with God. Some things we can do on our own, but we should test where we are going, that is prudence.  Here is something I heard from Traveller, my White Lab before he left for Heaven to await my arrival.

I asked my creator why He had made me thus, I must look to my master for food and shelter and such.

He smiled and said: “I did it so you could teach my man, all he receives in this life and beyond, comes not from his work or wisdom, but are gifts of love from His Masters hand.”

Love and blessings


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