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The Line

Her face revealed a line today, a line I hadn’t seen before. Perhaps she had seen it. Perhaps she had even mentioned it, but I hadn’t noticed it, before today.

I questioned the why of the line. Had I caused it? Or was it simply the sands of time carving the evidence of life lived, of challenges met and conquered, of raising children, loving grandchildren, and caring about and for me?

I’ve wondered for some time why she didn’t age like other women. I’ve wondered why not only her countenance but her looks as well hide the reality of the years she has lived. I know she works at looking her best but that can only delay the inevitable. What is it that stays the hands of time and causes one woman in a million to have the magic look of youth well into the waning years of life?

It occurs to me the only answer there can be, is love.

No one could ever love another person more than I love this lady who I call my treasure, my very best friend, helper, counselor, soul-mate, covenant partner, and wife. And she loves me with the same intensity.

I considered all this, and looked again. The line I’d seen before wasn’t there anymore! Perhaps it never was. Perhaps I just expected it to be. Or perhaps my love erased it again as it has all the others that have tried to invade her face and have failed because of our love.


Nita Raye’s husband

John:   10-10-99




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