What is it about rejoicing that would cause the Holy Spirit to direct us to do it from the beginning to the end of the Bible? To answer the question we must first define the meaning and the reason a person might rejoice. Webster says to rejoice is; "to give joy to; to cheer; to gladden; to exult; to triumph. That is what Peter, Paul, John, James, and multitudes of others have done, sometimes in the most difficult situations and that is what we are instructed to do daily. Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say Rejoice!!

 We want to encourage all our readers to rejoice daily. Rejoice today! Yes today! I don't know what is happening in your life, but it doesn't matter, rejoice anyway. It does the heart good to raise your hearts and hands to heaven and praise God, thank Him for His many blessings and rejoice because you are His child. Have you read "Prison to Praise" by Merlin Crauthers? Read It, and other books that encourage praise, worship, and rejoicing. Make it a habit to begin each day with praise and rejoicing and end each day with thanksgiving and rejoicing.

We are to rejoice in worshiping God;
For the wonderful place God gave us to live.
With the wife of our youth.
With our children In our labors
In triumphs In failures
In all things!

Rejoice as you read the stories, poems and other writings; some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but all will point your heart to God and His Son Jesus, the anointed one, Christ. Feel free to download and print those that will help you or a loved one draw closer to God.

Bless you in the name of Jesus our redeemer

John and Nita Raye Dumke


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