Aliens, UFO’S, or the Rapture?

This is written for those who don’t want to be “left behind.”

Jake and his wife, Sandy, had gone to bed quite late after a long day of work followed by all the normal things parents do in the evening raising children, finally getting them settled down, then crashing in bed themselves exhausted, falling asleep almost instantly, then—.

At about 3:00 AM the phone rang, and at the same time, someone rang their doorbell and began pounding on their front door, yelling, “get up!”

Jake still half asleep shouted, “Get the phone, I’ll see who is at the door! What is going on?”

He turned on the outdoor light, saw it was their neighbor, opened the door and before he could say anything, Bob, their neighbor began shouting! “Where are your Kids? Ours are gone! Go see, go see!” Then pushing past Jake, he started toward the kid’s bedroom with Jake on his heels. He flipped on the light, and he saw what he had seen in their children’s bed, nothing but pajamas! “Yours are gone too!” Suddenly Sandy started shouting, “Are the kids, OK?” She was running to their bedroom with the phone still in her hand, shouting their names, then seeing they weren’t there, she lost control, fell to the floor, and started half crying and half screaming incoherently!

Bob leaned against the wall and said almost without knowing what he was saying, “I knew this was going to happen! I knew it, but I thought it was just junk out of the mouths of politicians.”

Jake said, “What are you talking about? What did you know and didn’t tell us?”

By now Bob’s knees had given out, and he had slipped to the floor with his head in his hands. “Don’t you watch television? The government has been telling us about the sightings of aliens in UFO’s circling around the earth, like they were up to something, but not knowing what, now—quick, turn on the TV, maybe we can learn something!”

By now Sandy having heard the men talking, asked if Joan, Bob’s wife, was awake and alone, hearing a yes, she ran next door to see her, while Jake turned on the TV, and sure enough the commentators were talking and trying to figure out what had happened.

The lead was talking. “Well, we don’t know what is going on but we are getting phone calls about people disappearing and children missing and pets that can’t be found, oh wait, we are getting a report from the other side of the globe, someone is being interviewed, let’s tune in.”

“Yes, we are talking to a man who saw the whole thing happen in real time. I will tell you what he saw, we will need an interpreter.”

The interpreter begins as the man is trying to tell what he saw. “Well, it was midafternoon, I was out in the yard playing with our kids, when I saw a cloud, very bright cloud in the east start travelling toward us and about the time it was right up there, (he pointed up ), suddenly a man appeared to stand on it, and he reached out his arms like he was inviting  someone to join him, and then, I just cannot wrap my mind around what happened, but here is what I saw! Not only our children, but all the children from as far as I could see started raising up to join him on the cloud, and their pets went with them. Then I saw some adults join them and then, boom, the cloud flew away like it was jet powered! What happened? I don’t know, we just lost our children, in a cloud?”

The newsman came on screen and started trying to explain his thoughts. “Well, I don’t know what is going on, but what comes to mind is aliens. But why, and for what purpose?”

By now, both men were sitting on the couch, their wives had joined them, and although the commentators were still talking, the parents were trying to figure out what to say or do next.

Finally,   Joan said, “Who can we call, or what can we do, Oh, I am so confused, Where are our children?” Then she started to cry again and was holding onto her friend, sobbing uncontrollably.  Sandy put her arms around Joan and said, “We’ll figure this out, I mean, they can’t just disappear!”

They all turned their attention to the TV again to see what if anything the government officials had to say.

The newsman said to no one in particular, “We have tried to reach out to the White House, and the Congress, but no one is answering out calls.” Then turning to someone off camera, he asked, almost without thinking, “Hey, has anyone called us back?” “Well try again! Someone must know something!” Then turning to the camera again, he said, “Sorry, everything is so confusing right now, I don’t know what’s happening, and nobody seems to, wait, is that the White House calling? Switch it over to me.”  “Hello.  Oh, thank you for returning our call. Please, can you tell us what in the world is happening? Our viewers are going craze, I am going nuts! What can you tell us?”

Silence as he is listening to the caller, then he responds. “Thank you, so at 6:00 tonight the President is going to have a live report for the nation. We will be watching. Thank you again.” Well. Folks, I guess you heard that, and I’m sure our people are getting ready for the briefing. Well let’s take a break and we’ll be back shortly.”

With that the commercials started and silence.

“I still think it’s aliens.” Bob finally broke the silence. Joan, still sobbing said “I don’t care what it was I just want my kids back!” Just speaking those words made her face the reality of what had happened, and she screamed out, “NO, NO, NO!” and curled up into a ball on the couch with her friend trying to comfort her while feeling her own pain.

Jake, the analytical thinker, was doing his best to separate his feelings of the obvious loss, from the, what and why of what happened, not only here but across the globe!

“Question. Are there lights on in Pastor Phillip’s house across the street?” Jake just remembered something,

Sandy ran to the door, looked, and said, “No, why?”

“Well, yesterday while the kids were playing in the yard, his 2 came over to play with them, and so did he. We got to talking and he said something I just ignored at the time, but now it may be important.”

“Well, what was it?”

“Of course he invited us to his Church this Sunday, and I said, as I always do, that we would see, then he got real serious looking and he said, ‘Jake, you know as a student of the Bible, and particularly of what is known as the End Times, I am very concerned about the future of the people I know, like you and Sandy, besides all the people who attend our Church. Here is what almost shocked me recently.  As I study the Scriptures, and watch what is happening, not only here in America, but all over the world, it dawned on me, almost like a special message from the Lord, that there is not one more thing that has to happen before Jesus comes in a cloud to call all believers and the children home! Now instead of just preaching, I have started pleading with everyone I know and meet, please come to the Lord, confess your sins and accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord!”

He paused then apologized in a way. Jake, I don’t want to offend you or Sandy, but what happens after the taking away of the believers, what we call the Rapture of the Church, is going to be so horrific that those who are left behind without their children, some of their friend and relatives, are going to panic, and some are going to become suicidal! I don’t want that to happen to you!”

“Well,” I said, “Maybe we need to come to Church this Sunday and hear more of what you are saying. I do remember my mother telling us kids that we should get ready for the end of the world as we know it. I just always thought she was a little kookie, besides what we were taught in school really in a way debunked all that religious stuff as being a big fantasy.”

With that, Pastor Phillip said, “It’s not a fantasy, Jake, it will happen, just as the Bible says it will! But, hey, I look forward to seeing you and Sandy in Church this Sunday. And, in the meantime, if either of you have questions or just want to talk about this, come knock on my door, let’s talk.” With that said, he turned and walked back home.

Jake mused aloud, “Do you think that is what just happened, I mean the Rapture?”

Bob had listened to Jake intently, but now shook his head and said, “I still think it was aliens. Just the other night I was watching a show on TV and someone in our government was saying that something like this could happen! Oh, and then he said the crazies would say it was a God thing!”

Joan grabbed her phone and said, “I’m calling Mom. She has always been a strong believer, as she put it, ‘in the Lord.’”

As she was calling, Sandy stood up and shaking her head, sort of mumbled, “Without our kids, I see no purpose in being here anymore! “Then shouting she said, “Why didn’t you take me too?”

Joan hung up her phone, “No answer.”

By now it was 5:00 AM and their attention turned back to the TV.

The announcer began.

“Well, It’s been 2 hours and 20 minutes since the first reports began coming in about a massive disappearance of people, adults and children, from around the globe, and we still don’t know, or at least are not sure what happened. Some people are saying aliens have invaded, others say it was the taking away of the Christ believers, no one knows for sure, and our government leaders are not responding to us, it is as if they don’t want to terrorize the populous, well, guess what, we have been terrorized! Come on open-up, let’s at least talk, discuss, stop being silent! Okay, that is my rant for today.”

Suddenly, the silence was broken with other neighbors running up and down the street, shouting, “Where are my Kids?” Some were still in their pajamas, others not, but all were in a panic, as they realized their children were gone!

The newsman got their attention with a shout! “Finally, we have someone who will talk to us! We have our man on the street, Randy who went to his pastor’s home, a man he highly respects because of being a sensible man with a message of hope, not, as he says, a ‘fire and brimstone preacher.’ So, Randy what did you find out?”

“Sam, I went to my pastor’s home, there was a note on his door, he and his wife were at Church, so I went there and found the Church doors open, people coming in, crying, and calling out to God, and the pastor and his wife were knelling in the front and praying through their tears. I got close enough to hear what he was praying, and I was shaken! Through his sobbing and shaking I heard, “Oh God, please forgive me! I always was taught, and I believed that the Rapture story was just that, a story! Oh God, I was so wrong! Oh God, I lead so many people away from the truth! Now it has happened, I never believed that being a Jesus freak or an end time person was necessary. I just believed that we were to live the best life we could, and trust that an unknown God would take us to Heaven when we died! Oh God, I was so wrong! Now those who believed me will suffer the pains of the tribulation! Oh God!”

“Sam, that’s when I saw the pastor’s wife put her arm around his shoulder and tell him he needed to go to the pulpit and speak to the people, as by now the Church was full of repentive people, weeping, as they had been, and now crowding around the Altar.”

Sam broke in, “Randy, please stay there and I will get back to you a little later. We all want to know how this turns out. But from what you are saying, now I am scared! If this is really what the Christians, and my mom, told us would happen one day, I mean the rapture or taking away of the Jesus believing Christians, and all children under the age of accountability, we have some really bad things on the horizon!”

Sam looked into the camera and said, “Well everyone, all we can do now is wait and see. We will do our best to keep you informed and updated.”

Jake, Sandy, and Joan where still staring at the TV even after Bob had muted it while he said, again, “I still say it was aliens. Come on, guys, if what they are suggesting on television is true, I mean the rapture thing, then what we have accepted as truth for our whole lives, in fact what we were taught in school, is all lies! I just can’t accept that, I just can’t! Besides, if I am right and the aliens did take them, then they are OK, probably in a better place than we are.”

Sandy interjected, “If the Lord came and took them home, they definitely are in a much better place, and we will see them and be with them again one day in Heaven!” She bowed her head and spoke to God. “Oh God, I am so sorry that I didn’t believe in your Son Jesus as my savior, like my mom and dad did. Now I, we are going to pay the price of rebellion! Oh God have mercy on us!”

There was silence for what seemed like an hour, although it was only a few minutes, then Bob unmuted the TV, as they saw a different reporter come on.

Sam came on saying, “We are getting reports from all over the world now. They are coming in so fast we can’t keep up, so our staff is recording them so we can show them all to you. Our reporter on the ground in China is our first reporter.


Sandy sat up in bed with a start and a scream! Jake woke up and said, “What’s wrong honey?” when he saw her he reached over, took her in his arms and sort of rocked her back and forth as she was weeping and trying to talk. After a few minutes she stopped and said, “Jake, I just had the most horrible dream of my life! But as I think about it, maybe it was a warning and a blessing!”

“What was it? Tell me about it.”

“Well, you told me about your conversation with our neighbor the pastor, and I think it is time we go to Church this Sunday, and maybe even have a real conversation with him before that.”

Jake said, “Wow, you have never said anything like that before! Tell me what happened to change your mind.”

Sandy started. “Well, I have told you about my crazy mother who was always telling us kids about a time she called the “Tribulation”, a time of great horror and trouble which happens after her Jesus was going to come and take the Christians and the children up to Glory to be with Him! That isn’t what we were taught in school, and I just spaced her off. Then tonight I had the dream!”

Sandy related everything she had seen and experienced in the dream, stopping the wipe her tears from time to time. When she was done, she looked at Jake and said, “Honey,  I want to have our neighbor come over today so we can talk. Maybe his conversation with you was God’s way of getting our attention. Maybe we should protect ourselves from the horror I saw in that dream, by accepting Jesus as our Savior! Would you go see him as soon as it’s light?”

“Sure, honey, sure. You know, I did have a strange feeling while he was talking, and now considering your dream, I agree. I will ask him to come over today.”