A thought keeps bugging me and finally I know I need to speak it out.  Before I do, I want to ask you a question. If I texted you every morning for 6 days, say at 7:00 AM, and told you something special was going to occur in your life that day, and told you what it was, and it happened just as I said it would, whatever I texted on day 7, you would believe, right?

Or, if you found a book in the library, or a website that did the same thing, you would believe everything you read or saw from that time on, right?

Well, I have good news for you today, all who believe in Jesus! But I believe we all have friends and acquaintances who need to be made aware of the “times” in which we live. No doubt we all know people who scoff at the crazy Christians, like the people in Noah’s day scoffed at him, and believe that life will continue on as it has for all time, and are not aware of a God given timeline of history that He gave to mankind from the beginning, and we have all the evidence we need to see that, yes, we are living in what the Bible calls the “End Times!”

Those of us who have accepted the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, will not have to go through what is called the tribulation, or the destruction of the earth as we know it, (Thank you Lord), but because we love them, we need to alert our friends and neighbors of what is coming. We owe it to them.

You see, everything that has happened of significance in the world, was foretold! There is evidence that someone said or wrote down events that would occur years before they did, sometimes in secular history, and sometimes in the Bible. I can give you evidence of things like the first and second world wars, the drying up of rivers, the election of certain people to positions of power, and would be happy to, but may I suggest you look for prophecy sites on YOU TUBE. A warning, not every site is exact, but knowing how the present generation does things, you can see that the time is for this generation to see the return of Jesus! There is nothing prophesied that needs to occur before He comes to take us to Heaven to live with Him forever! All of this is in the Bible, some things like the birth of Jesus foretold 500- plus years in advance. I write about some of this in my book, “The Human Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane”.

“2023” is a site on YOU TUBE worth viewing. I have looked at others as well and have found a lot of good numerical evidence that cannot be denied. Things like the date of the birth of Jesus, and the date of his death, which is written about in secular books like “The Works of Josephus”, a writer who lived in the times of Jesus, and yes, of course, I have that book, plus many other historical books that may interest you, and yes, I recommend them for research.

I must warn you that not everyone will take you seriously, nevertheless, we have a responsibility to give them all the information we have.

I believe there is something very significance about the Jewish Holidays this year, 2023.

Rosh Yom Kippur Hashanah: September 15-17
Yom Kippur: September 24-25
Sukkot: September 29 – October 6

These are the upcoming Jewish Holidays.  Yom Kippur is the only Jewish holiday that has had nothing important in recent time occur. You see, each holiday had a purpose in the beginning, and then later God had something important happen again on that holiday. We need to be in prayer during these times and do our best to alert our friends about the significance of trusting in God and accepting Jesus, now more than ever.

May God bless you richly, In Jesus name!