I challenge you to find out from God's word what it really means to "cut the covenant" of marriage.

Dear family and friends;

Are you as upset and angry as I am over what the courts, our congress and even our culture has done to the majesty of marriage? I say, "Enough is enough!

A very small but vocal segment of our society has stolen the beauty of God's marriage covenant and is replacing it with a fanatical and faithless facade. It's time we take back what God has given us, and here is the good news! You can help do this as easily as letting your family and friends see what God says about marriage in our new book, The Majesty, The Mystery, and The Mission of Marriage.

John H. Dumke

I Am a Simple Man with a Simple Faith: Who Added All the Junk?

I am a simple man. But complications arrive in any persons life. Sometimes it takes time before the light goes off and you are revealed simple truths.


John H Dumke, Sr.

What would you do if someone told you, you would die at 3 p.m. tomorrow?

We all know the story of the garden of Gethsemane, but I believe most of us have thought of it in terms of Jesus as the Son of God doing what the Father wanted him to do without question, not recognizing that Jesus the Son of Man, which was his favorite name for Himself, was struggling with the desires of his humanity.  In this discourse, we will take a look into the human soul of Jesus and correlate His experiences and decisions, to us in our times and perspective to see how these lessons He learned can affect us today in our decisions of life.  It is the belief of the author that the thought starters brought forth will challenge the reader to seek a deeper, more productive walk with our Lord as he/she looks into and surrenders to walk through their own personal garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus was and is God, but for a time and purpose, he put on the cloak of humanity and wept like we do for the suffering of others and finally for his own impending trial and anguish. Jesus, as God, knew what was coming and had prepared himself for it from the foundation of the world. He was ready to rescue all humanity from Satan's lair. Jesus, the human son of man, had to overcome His humanity in the garden of Gethsemane before he could accomplish his Godly task on Earth.

All of us have events in our lives that spiritually we have prepared for, yet when the trial presents itself, we try to avoid it. Jesus prayed three times an hour each time to have this horrific event taken from Him instead of having to go through it.  Yet in the end, He accepts it for you and me and the joy beyond.

John H Dumke, Sr.