Being with Her

 It had been a long and arduous day. The old man climbed the steps and opened the door to their home, and breathed deeply. Her fragrance permeated the air, their home and him. The cares of the world and the rejections of the day fell from him like a mold falling from a casting when it leaves the furnace, and he stepped out a new revitalized man.


He knew not where she was, he only knew she was there and he called out to her. “I’m home. I love you. I missed you today.” She was everywhere he looked and nowhere to be seen.


He opened the mail, laid it aside then stepped into the living room, closed his eyes and took her into his arms. He hummed a waltz and danced in time to the beating of two hearts entwined. She was so soft, so warm, so exciting. She laid her head on his shoulder closed her eyes and smiled. They moved to a tune they alone could hear and time stood still as Angels stopped to watch them.


He opened his eyes, she was still there, but unseen. He smiled and said so softly; “You may be gone but not from me. You are in my heart and memory forever. I need only to close the world out to be with you.”


He reclined on their favorite couch, closed his eyes and joined her, again.


                                                             John Dumke    June 2003 



Copyright © 2017 John H Dumke