I want to see you Dance again

I've been gone so very long

and there's so much I miss.

But I'll be home again real soon,

to embrace my love, and kiss.

What I want the very most,

is again to see you dance.

Feet can't move with heavy heart

but joy regained, makes them prance.

To see the swirl of flying skirt,

in time with love's heart beat,

to see the smile of secrets held,

of love released in dancing feet.

I'll silently slip into your arms,

like a friend in a skipping rope.

To melt into your world in time,

to rejoice, in fulfilled hope.

To hold your waist and hand in mine,

to sway with melody divine,

soon, my love it will be time---

for God,

to let me see

you dance again,

---with me.


Copyright © 2017 John H Dumke