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The words you've sent to cheer my heart

have become my needed bread.

I use them to calm my daily fears,

and erase the terror of my night's bed.


They've traveled with me like a special friend,

to work and church and walk out back.

I've hid them in my shirt and pants,

and in my sleeping pillow sack.


I've held them up to Father God,

and thanked him so for you,

I've knelt beside my bed with them

and held them close when I felt blue.


I've prayed your words to calm my fears,

I've known they were God's from the start.

I've used them in my morning prayers,

they were hope to start my heart.


Your words were silver bowls to me

with all your gifts inside,

ornately wrapped and ribboned,

secrets from the world to hide.


You've lined each one with golden cloth

then delicately placed within,

your tender love and gentle touch,

memories of all to me you've been.


I read and see your lips and smile,

your giggle and pretty face.

Your eyes sparkle the depth of love,

your delicacy like Irish lace.


I see our future that you've painted,

with colors of joy, light and bright;

of days filled with dancing feet,

the quietness of peaceful nights.


How can mere words be all these things?

How do we comprehend or see?

It's because they come from my treasure's pen,

and are filled with her love for me.



BY John Dumke




Copyright © 2017 John H Dumke