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There is a pain that goes so deep,

it numbs the brain, disrupts the sleep.

Starts with a drip somewhere below,

becomes a torrent, a gushing flow.

I see an eddy, a whirlpool black,

the vortex is drawing, pulling me back.

Emotions swirl, gain power and speed,

away from light, to blackness they lead.

Where are my friends, my loved ones dear?

What happened? Tell me! Why am I here?

I guess life's over, give up, and drown.

The black hole encloses, as I go down.

See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing at all,

people speak, don't hear them, while I fall.

The world is silent, all movement is slow,

slipped out of my mind, I've let myself go.

I don't hurt, or feel pain anymore.

My mind has numbed me, it knows the horror.

It doesn't matter what you do to me,

my body's novocain has set me free.

I have no strength to fight the pull

of depression's hole, filled to the full.

It starts to turn my head from the light

I succumb as I enter depression's dark night.

Wait! I hear! I feel, no, can almost see,

your hand, no two, reaching down to me.

One grabs me with strength, power and might,

one touches and loves me, erasing the night.

My heart had stopped; beats again,

life that was over, revived, begins.

Your love brings light, chases the black,

God's power, redeems and brings me back.

Thank you, I needed that.




Copyright © 2017 John H Dumke