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He thought he was strong

‘till she stole his song

leaving him for another.

And what was worse,

it’s an age old curse,

She left taking his brother.

This story is old,

Often been told,

another family, torn apart.

Brother’s love is gone,

Scarlet woman did wrong,

Another heart pierced with a dart.

Is the woman to blame?

As all the world claims,

Or has man shrugged his duty?

Wasn’t Adam to protect?

God’s order he did reject,

And Satan got all man’s booty.

Leave the woman alone

Christ’s blood did atone

Now man must stand up

and fight.

With all Satan’s keys

Jesus’ man is now free

To defend his home

with God’s own might.


The wounded spirit collection 1997




Copyright © 2017 John H Dumke