Why so many Denomination

It is a privilege to speak to you today. My greatest joy is sharing what God is doing in the world with those of like mind and faith.

I have a question which each of us must answer and I present it to you for your consideration.

Why are you a Presbyterian? Or for that matter a Methodist, Catholic, Assembly of God or a member of any denomination?

Are you more comfortable here than at another church? Do you get along with these people more than some others you know?

I ask these questions because we have managed to create divisions where there was to be none. One people; a light unto the darkness of the world.  Jesus prayed in the 17th chapter of John, “that they, (us), may be one as we are one.” Certainly this begs the question, why are we disobedient?

I believe the reason is that the enemy has taught us to be religious rather than relational.

Our relation to God began in the Garden of Eden and in reality God has never changed His plan. Man denied the relationship through rebellion but God, the loving Father, keeps calling us back to Himself.

Let’s look at the origin of religion. Let’s see how the story line of religion has remained the same through thousands of years of history. It really would be humorous if it weren’t so sad to hear modern man proclaim the new thoughts and ideas of the “New Age” movement. There is nothing new about it except the current generation which adheres to its tenets.

The call of the serpent, God’s enemy, remains ever the same, “Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.” Adam and Eve were already gods or under rulers of all God created. What was enticing about this concept? The real desire was to replace God as their ruler, with themselves! How do we know that? Because that is exactly what Lucifer tried to do when he rebelled. With Adam and Eve he was trying to get God’s greatest creation to follow in his footsteps. And he succeeded.

There is an old story about the leaders of three Baptist churches in a small town getting together for lunch one day. After they finished their discussion there were four Baptist churches in town.

Man does not want to be ruled. Jesus says, “submit.” Man says, “OK as long as I can do it my way.”



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