End of this life, and the beginning of life eternal

As we get older, our thoughts begin to move away from, “What will I be doing 10 or 20 years from now?” to “when will I leave this veil of tears and live forever with my Lord?”  I remember a time, my first day of incarceration, when I was in such sorrow and despair, I cried to die.  Then I asked the Lord, “What about Nita, my wife?” I realized it was not my time, rather I still had things to do, according to God’s plan for my life. I thought about Jesus and His Gethsemane prayers the night before He was crucified.  He prayed three times, at an hour each time, asking His Father if they could accomplish their goal of saving humanity, their creation, from an eternity separated from them, in the place reserved for the Devil and his angels.The Father said no, but rather He, the Father, would give Jesus the strength to endure the pain and suffering that was to come, to the end that they would accomplish the goal of the salvation of all who accepted His, Jesus’ sacrifice, to erase their sins and return to them to Him, with every spot cleaned of sin and made white through His blood. Only then could the creator of the world be able to enjoy the communion with humanity they had created them for in the Garden of Eden. So Jesus, straightened by the Angels, sent by His Father, submitted to the will of the Father and suffered for you and me. What must we do? Confess our sins, accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, believe that our  Heavenly Father raised Him from the dead, and submit our selfish will, or crucify the flesh, to live for Him.

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