Perfect love


There was a night in a Texas prison when I experienced perfect love. Although it has been almost 14 years, the memory is as fresh as if it happened last night.

I remember it this way. Two nights previous I was asleep, lying on my right side on the top bunk when suddenly I awoke to see a man’s form standing next to the bed looking at me. I could see no face or features only the form, yet I knew instinctively that it was Jesus. I wasn’t afraid, you never knew what or who might confront you in a place like that. I was totally at peace and I heard these words: “Oh John, I love you so much I would never do anything to hurt you!” I replied; “Oh I know Lord, I know.” For many days I lived in the afterglow knowing that as bleak as life seemed in that place everything was going to be alright.

Now two nights later; I remember lying on my left side. I have no idea if which side I was lying on mattered, but I think the Lord makes us remember the incidental things to confirm the reality of the event. I awoke to a covering of love I had never felt before. It’s hard to describe but I will try. It felt like a warm flowing of something moist and soft, perhaps rose petals, millions of them covering my body and this intense release of all that hurt. I felt no malice toward anyone, no hurt feeling, no bitterness, no hatred, anger, pride, envy or any other negative feelings, just an explosion of Godly love for everyone, even and especially those who had hurt me. And I said; “O Lord this must be what heaven is like. It’s wonderful.” Then it was over, and I went back to sleep.

I don’t expect to feel that kind of love again until I am in heaven, however sometimes when I look at your face and see the beauty, and I look into your eyes and see the love you have for me, the Lord lets me taste that perfect love again. I feel the rose petals cover me again, my heart explodes with love again and my eyes weep with joy as I catch a glimpse of heaven through you.

Thank you my precious love Nita Raye
Your Johnnie April 29, 2009

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