The God of One things

The God of One Things
June 5, 2018

I see our God as the God of one (1) things. I would remind you of this from Genesis. What was the one thing Adam and Eve were told not to do?
Put yourself in their situation for a moment, you have the rule and authority over everything in your life! Go wherever you want in this beautiful garden, each other’s company, and the interaction with the God of the universe, the God who created you, who loves you, who is teaching you about all the things he created for your use and pleasure. There is no question you have for Him that he will not answer when you ask. He challenges you to go further in your search of the garden’s treasures. He teaches you about the purpose of each plant, each creature, and all His creation. He lets you learn by information and interaction. He shows you how to stroke the long beautiful mane of the lion and the horses, he lets you run with them and play with them, oh and laugh with the lambs and kid goats as the frolic with each other. You follow mama bear and her cubs as they graze the grasses and plants and sometimes you just sit and let the various creatures come up to you and smell you and stroke you as you do them. Sometimes you and your mate just talk. The beauty of it all, the love of all created animals and birds and things that swim to you so touching each other happens and how you enjoy the deliciousness of all kinds of vegetables you pull up from the ground, and the beautiful fruit hanging from the branch of the trees. One evening when the creator God stops to visit he asks you to give a name to everything in his creation. Wow, you think, not only do we get to enjoy everything, we get to call it by a name we gave it!”
The giraffe who trim the top of the trees joined by the squirrels and other climbing creatures. The moles who burrow in the ground to make cool nests and help in the cultivation of the soil, which helps you in caring for the ground which produces all you could ever want for food.
Then comes another evening, the coal of the day and as you walk you anticipate the Lord joining you asking about what you discovered and has another teaching time while he expresses his love for you again and again.
He tells you how he created you to be just like him in His image and likeness, He said He did it to have companions who would love Him as much as He loves them, and He gave them a principal of love. Do what I ask you to do, and I will do what you ask me to do.
Love me as I love you
Adam said I call this place Eden a place of peace, satisfaction and love we have need of nothing more, all is supplied by you for our benefit because of love. Then the Creator God said: “I ask only one (1) thing of you. You may eat anything and everything I have created for you, except the fruit of the tree of good and evil. It is planed in the center of the garden. I put it there, so you could see it and to prove your love for me. If you do eat of it, you will die! If you obey me and not eat it, I’ll make you live forever! And not die. I have created everything for your enjoyment and pleasure, I only ask this one thing of you.”
The next day as they were doing their duty tending the Garden, making sure the plants received the moisture of the dew God caused to fall on the ground made it to the roots of the plants, they asked each other almost at the same time, “Do you ever wonder what He means, by calling that one tree, “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? and what does he mean, to die?”
You see death had not come to the earth yet, and never would if they obeyed the one thing. After all God has given them free will. They could do whatever they wanted, except this one thing. The mind they had been given was the mind of God Nothing was kept from them, but this one thing.
They knew if they disobey God an unknown thing would occur. They agreed not to do that one thing, in fact they determined not to even look at the fruit, not to touch that fruit and not ever to talk about it.
So, what did the devil do?
He did 3 things
1. He questioned God’s words.
2. He called God a liar (which he, Satan, was)
3. Promised them if they ate the fruit they would be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil
Pride of life came knocking at the door of their minds and hearts then they (Adam was there with Eve so don’t blame Eve
exclusively) 3 did things
1. Looked at the fruit and saw it through the lenses of pride and saw that it was good to look at, regardless of what God had said
about it. In doing so, they called God a liar by agreeing with Satan.
2. They picked the fruit even though Eve had added to Gods word and said they shouldn’t even touch it. Another act of disobedience.
3. They took a bite in direct disobedience of God’s instruction and in so doing, they challenged the authority of God to make rules or
commandment that he expected them to obey. They did the one thing they were not to do.

The creator God stood back and looked as the breath of life was breathed into the nostrils of the man by Father God and He smiled. He saw the clay He used to create a perfect replica of Himself, become flesh and blood and bone, and the Man, Adam, moved! As he opened his eyes he saw his creator and by instinct alone, he knelt before Him and worshipped.
After a moment Creator God took hold of man’s hands and helped him stand, and He looked at His Man. The creation was good, very good! Man looked like Him, he had been given all the likeness and abilities of Him and, he, Man was Him in human flesh! And now, His creation, His Man was god to all His creation!
“You shall be called, Adam, for all of mankind shall come from you.” Creator God said. Adam spoke, “Adam. I like that name.” And a friendship began.
The Father God smiled and returned to His abode in His Heaven allowing the Creator God to begin the process of introducing their new creation to the world they had created for him. Angels who had come from heaven to see this historic event, rejoiced seeing the great pleasure the creation of Man have given God the Father, the creator God and God the Holy Spirit who had helped in the creation. Great rejoicing was heard throughout the universe and it seemed to all, that the brightness of Heaven was a little brighter, if that could be so.
Creator God began the process of introduction to all of the other creations, and gave Adam the task of giving each one a name. They sat on a knoll and as The Creator God called for each of His creatures to come, they would pause before their Creator and their earthly god and receive their name. It was a name they would proudly accept for now and all of eternity.

Notice what God did
He removed then from the garden, so they would not eat of the fruit of the tree of live and live forever in their fallen sinful state that may seem mean to us, but it was a blessing
1. He told them what was going to happen to them and their offspring then promised a messiah would come to complete the promise of an Eden life forever.
2. Then He killed one of his creation to make a covering of their nakedness’, a lamb, to set in motion 2 sacrifices, one yearly to cover their sins, again a lamb spotless and pure, which was a type, an example, of having His son, the lamb of God, die to pay for the sins of all mankind for His plan of Eden to be completed, where mankind could live forever in peace and purity before Him.
3. Why kill a crated being, a lamb?
A. to demonstrate the severity of disobedience (obedience is better than sacrifice) and to provide a covering of their sins year by year, so God could be in their lives, and make a prophecy of a total cleansing of sin.

When the Messiah comes
What did mankind do?
The rebellion of Cain started a patter on disobedience
God kept talking to his man in faith believing someone would listen, a few did, Seth, Enoch, a few prophets which were killed because the people did not want to listen to truth
Then he found one man, Abraham and stated a clan, or division of people who would listen and through much tribulation began to turn to the one true God. Most of the people created their own God, made in their images and started religions void of the one true God and void of His power and grace.
Through Abraham, his son Isaac, and his son Jacob, a family of people were brought forth who worshiped the one and only, true God.
God needed a vast number of people, so He instituted a plan. His people would go to a lush land and become a multitude. Then with signs and wonders he brought them out of Egypt, to fulfill a promise he gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
When they were free, Moses sang a song to God, as did his sister.
So now they are free, they gave glory to God!
To be continued

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